Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Not So Lucky Louie.

Hello, and welcome to Bad TV, Bad! A commentary on the worst that TV has to offer and the dream of eliminating all that is rotten on the boob tube.
And it seems our first post is already written for us.
The good folks at HBO, who have given us such overrated pap like The Soprano's delivered unto us the best news the sit-com has had in a long time. They have cancelled Lucky Louie.
What? Never heard of Luckie Louie?
Consider yourself blessed.
Luckie Louie was HBO's first attempt at a three camera sit-com. Starring stand up comedian Louis C.K. (No, I've never heard of him either) the show, in typical HBO fashion, did not pull it's punches as far as adult language and situations are concerned. On Luckie Louie adults swore, they talked about sex (using swear words) and lived a typical blue collar existence (swearing).
That was it's hook. An ADULT sit-com, with ADULT situations using ADULT language.
The problem was they forgot to use funny language.
Luckie Louie premiered with 1.5 million viewers. It was cancelled at 1.3 million viewers. The whole thing can be taken as an experiment that some people will watch anything.
Ok, let's be serious. What exactly was wrong with Lucky Louie?
In a word, everything.
The scripts were terrible, the acting sub McGinley, the sets were minimalist at best and, this is the important part, the show was decidedly not funny.
Louis C.K., the star, could not carry a bag of sponges on his back, let alone an entire episode of a sit-com. Pamela Adlon, the long suffering actress who played the long suffering wife, reminds one of the range of a two-by-four. The only person on the cast who knew how to carry a line was Michael G. Hagerty. You know you've seen him, he's been in at least one episode of every sit-com since 1997, so he knows how to treat the script. And poor Kelly Gould, the actress who plays Lucy the daughter. How scarred is her life going to be?
But honestly, do we need this type of crap on TV, even cable? Hell no. HBO's attempt at sex and language in a sit-com failed, so why don't they go back to do what they do best, sex and violence in ensemble drama's, and leave the sit-com to someone with, I don't know, the ability to write a joke.

Don't think the sit-com world is any better without this show. Remember, we still have The War At Home, and until that crap is off our TVs the terrorists win!

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